BioShock Install/Launch Troubleshooting and Support
08 / 22 / 2007

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IMPORTANT: The instruction manual included in the launch copies of BioShock incorrectly reversed the US and Canadian support telephone numbers. The correct numbers are:

US Support
Phone: 1-866-219-9839

Canadian Support
Phone: 1-800-638-0127

Dear BioShock Player:

Much care has gone into testing of the game and its installation and use. If you are here because you are having install and/or launch issues, we sincerely apologize. Please look at the possible end-user issues listed below to see if any of the listed conditions match your experience. If you have successfully installed the game and the issue you are experiencing does not match one of the conditions, please go here (Launch Analysis instructions) and perform the steps to generate and submit an analysis file.

Possible end user issues:

1) Game Installation issues. Experiencing the following errors:
     a) “Download Server Not Responding”
         i) Go here if Firefox is your default browser.
         ii) Go here if Opera is your default browser.
    b) Download of game exe has completed but download dialog is still visible

2) Disc authentication problems. Experiencing the following errors:
     a) “Original Disc Not Found” (Error 1000 or 4001)
     b) “Authentication Timeout”

3) Serial and/or Unlock Request Code problems

4) Broken figurine in US and Canadian Limited Editions

5) System Requirements