08 / 16 / 2007

If you are receiving the error message “Download Server Not Responding” during the install process, there may be two reasons this is occurring:

1. You may have strong firewall settings that are blocking the connection to the Internet. Try to avoid firewall settings during game installation.

2. Your browser settings need to be adjusted. If your default browser is Mozilla Firefox or Opera, your specific settings will need to be added to Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is necessary in order to successfully activate this game.

For Opera:

1. Take a look at the Internet Settings in Opera by going to ‘Tools’, then click on ‘Preferences’, and then click on the ‘Advanced’ tab, then select ‘Network’ in the left hand toolbar. Next click on the “Proxy Servers” button.

2. Record your proxy settings of Opera (which type of Settings and the address of proxy server / script). You will need these settings later in this process.
(the automatic proxy configuration URL is just an example, yours will be different)

3. Start Internet Explorer via the ‘Start’ button in the lower left hand corner (or via your desktop shortcut).

Start =>Programs=>Internet Explorer

In Internet Explorer, go to ‘Tools’, click “Internet Options”, click the “Connections” tab, and then click “LAN Settings.”

(These screenshots are representative of what you might see. You will need to align your settings to be the same as your default browser -- Mozilla Firefox or Opera)

****** Windows XP ******

******Windows Vista******

4. Under “Proxy server”, click to select the “Use a proxy server” for your LAN check box.
5. Now you can configure your settings based on the settings from Opera that you recorded earlier. (see step #2 above)
6. Click “OK” to close the “LAN Settings” dialog box
7. Click “OK” again to close the “Internet Options” dialog box.
8. Try to open a webpage (e.g.: with your Internet Explorer. If the page is displayed, your Internet Explorer is configured correctly.

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