Problem: Serial and/or Unlock Request Code Problems activating their game
08 / 16 / 2007

If you encounter activation issues and cannot get the activation to work online, the activation module can generate an unlock request code that we can use in conjunction with your activation code (serial) to provide an Unlock Code.

Please try activation several times before submitting a manual unlock request to support. The server is very busy and may take several attempts.

In order for us to supply an Unlock Code, please send the following information with an explanation of your request to

1) Serial (activation code located on the back of the BioShock game manual)
2) Unlock Request Code (will be shown in offline activation dialog) As soon as we receive this information, we will be able to investigate your activation issue and provide an Unlock Code, if necessary.

Some of the activation issues stem from users typing in the serial number incorrectly.

  • Please include the dashes in the serial number located on the back of the BioShock game manual.
  • Some Os are being entered as Øs (zeros). There should only be one numeral in each of the five 4-character blocks (separated by dashes) in the serial/activation code.
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