Revoke Tool
October 11, 2007

The PC Version of BioShock requires a live internet connection for installation and activation. Once the installation is complete and the game has been activated you no longer need to be online to play or run the game, though you will need to keep the BioShock DVD in the drive to start BioShock up.

Once an activation has been made, the number of available activations on your specific activation code is reduced accordingly on the activation server. The BioShock Revoke Tool is designed to clear the activation license off of the user's machine by contacting the activation server to free up the revoked license for future use.

Instructions on downloading and using the revoke tool can be found at the following link (PDF Reader Required) BioShock Revoke Tool User Instructions or you can download the tool with instructions from here

Increasing Your Activation Limits

If you have exceeded your activation limits and are unable to revoke previously used activations with the revoke tool, you may request to have your activations increased.

To have you activations increased, please send an email with your activation key and unlock code to including if possible a scan/photo of your manual cover (front & back) with the activation key clearly visible and of the BioShock DVD, as this will help speed up the process.