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v1.52 Patch Released 12.23.05
v1.52 is a major upgrade to Civ IV and includes numerous optimizations for memory usage and improves performance on all machines. Grab it from the Downloads section.
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Civ at Ultimate Gamers Challenge 2005 12.21.05
Win a $5000 gaming rig or one of five copies of Civ IV autographed by Sid Meier at the Ultimate Gamers Challenge 2005, December 27th-30th at the Diamond Ballroom in Austin, Texas.
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Civ IV Recognized in "Best of 2005" Awards 12.20.05
Civilization IV wins "Best of 2005" awards from IGN, GameSpy, and Voodoo Extreme.
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Firaxis Launches a Civilization Poll 12.20.05
The development team at Firaxis is looking for fan feedback on what you'd like to see in future Civ products.
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(The poll is provided courtesy of Firaxis Games. Please note that by clicking the link above, you will be leaving The privacy policy of that site may not meet ESRB Privacy Online requirements)


Civilization IV v1.09 Patch Released 11.23.05
The v1.09 patch has been released, featuring multiple gameplay improvements and tweaks. Grab it from the Downloads section.
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A Note from Firaxis About the Civilization IV Patch 11.16.05
Firaxis Games gives an update on the status of the Civilization IV patch, as well as details on some of the gameplay improvements.
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Strategy Informer Reviews Civ IV 11.04.05
"Civ IV is addictive, compelling, and a tribute to the series. There's even a nice little tutorial dictated by the genius creator himself so all the new kids can get in on this one. It seems there's actually nothing negative worth saying about the game, but why expect anything less of Sid Meier? It's brilliant."
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Fansite Kit Now Available 10.28.05
The Official Civlization IV Fansite Kit, containing numerous assets for creating your own Civ IV website, is now available in the Downloads section.
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GameSpy Gives Civ IV a Perfect Score 10.28.05
GameSpy has posted their review of Civilization IV with a final review score of 5 out of 5.
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Support Section Goes Live 10.27.05
Visit the Support Section of the Civilization IV Official Site for a list of documented solutions.
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GameSpot Gives Civ IV an Editors' Choice Award 10.26.05
GameSpot's Civilization IV review has gone up and the final verdict is a 9.4 out of 10, as well as an Editors' Choice Award.
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Civilization IV Wallpapers Now Available 10.26.05
Decorate your desktop with brand new Civ IV wallpaper. There are six wallpapers now available in the Downloads section of the Official Site.
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1UP Reviews Civ IV 10.26.05
The Civilization IV review has gone up on and it has scored an outstanding 9 out of 10.
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Civilization IV Ships to Retailers 10.25.05
2K Games and Firaxis Games have announced that Civilization IV for the PC has shipped to retail stores in North America.
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Civilization IV Scores Big on IGN 10.21.05
"Let's get it out of the way right at the start: the only reason to stop playing Civilization IV is to tell other people just how good the game is."
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Official Site Updated with Trailer, Leaderheads, and More 10.21.05
In celebration of next week's release of Civilization IV, the official site now features the launch trailer in the Downloads section. Once you've finished viewing the movie, head over to the Civilizations section which has been updated with all the leaderheads found in the game. Be sure to also visit the Civ Comparisons section to see how Civ IV has improved upon previous versions in the franchise with regards to graphics and gameplay.


Civilzation IV Goes Gold 10.19.05
The fourth installment in the most acclaimed strategy franchise of all time has gone gold. Civ IV expands upon the gameplay of its predecessors with new gameplay enhancements and additions, as well as a full 3D engine.
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Official Site Launch 10.11.05
Welcome to the Official Website for Civilization IV. This will be your all-encompassing resource for all things Civ IV. Brush up on your history in the Civilizations section by reading about all the Civs found in the game. Once you're done, check out some of the different units available in Civ IV. Make sure to keep visiting the site as there will be constant updates to the different sections, including mods, developer blogs and much more.


GameSpy Hands-On Preview 10.11.05
"Not only is it going to be one of the best PC strategy games of the year ... it's actually in the running to be one of the best Multiplayer PC strategy games of the year. Firaxis is working hard to slap a final coat of polish on this sucker -- we can't wait to get our hands on the final version!"
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IGN Preview 10.07.05
"...more innovative and straightforward than any other title in the series' history."
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GameSpot Preview 9.20.05
"We've easily played hours upon hours of Civ IV since we've gotten our hands on it, and yet we can safely say that this only represents the tip of the iceberg."
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1UP Preview 6.28.05
"Civilization IV is bringing the granddaddy of strategy gaming to the modern era in a big way, and it's going to do so one turn at a time."
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