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Start Here F.A.Q.

1. Please ensure your operating system is up to date. To do this, please ensure you are logged in as an administrator and go to Scan your computer using the link provided, and download and install the necessary updates. You may need to do this several times until no updates are required.

2. Ensure your graphics card driver is up to date. Please go to the support section for your computer manufacturer's website (Dell, Gateway, etc.) or the graphics card support site (nVidia, ATi, etc.) and download the latest drivers for your video card. (To confirm the name of your video card, click on the Windows Start button on the taskbar, click on "Run" and type in "dxdiag"; without the quotes. Click on the third tab labeled "Display" to verify your video card's name.)

3. Ensure the game includes the latest update/patch. In the Civilization IV main menu, click on "ADVANCED" and then "CHECK FOR UPDATES". The game will check for an update and take you through the steps necessary to download and install the software.

4. Ensure your system meets the minimum system requirements.

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