We had over 150 awesome submissions to our BioShock Limited Edition Cover Art Contest, and they were all stellar. But, after much ado, we narrowed down the entries to twelve finalists, of which five were put to the test in front of a panel of 2K and Irrational judges. We are now proud to announce our winners, and showcase the remaining 9, which I am deeming honorable mentions, and will receive exclusive Cult of Rapture tees for their hard work and awesome art.

Thanks, guys, for again making this an amazing experience.


Congratulations to Adam Meyer with his winning design. His artwork will be the cover of the BioShock Limited Edition, and he will be getting a copy of the BioShock Limited Edition for both Xbox 360™ and PC, and an all-expense paid trip to the BioShock Launch Party in August.


Jason Montgomery won second place in this competition with his art deco design. He will be getting an official Xbox 360™ faceplate, a Cult of Rapture tee, an exclusive Cult of Rapture download on Xbox Live, and a copy of the BioShock Limited Edition for both Xbox 360™ and PC.


Alun Bestor comes in third with his gritty artwork. He will receive an exclusive Cult of Rapture tee shirt and a copy of the BioShock Limited Edition for both Xbox 360™ and PC.


If I could have my druthers, there would have been loads of honorable mentions, but these nine finalists definitely deserve it. They will be getting Cult of Rapture tee shirts for their work.

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