Minerva's Den will be headed to Games for Windows Live! Within the next day, some of you may notice new achievements appearing - and on May 31st you'll be able to download the final chapter of BioShock 2's story. Minerva's Den will be 800 Microsoft Points and available anywhere that supports Games for Windows Live.

(And, if you can't wait a moment longer to get back to Rapture, download our free add-on, The Protector Trials.) Please note: Both add-on packs require a copy of BioShock 2 to play.

To celebrate the release of Minerva's Den on PC, Steve Gaynor (its lead designer), has written a two-part, behind-the-scenes blog post about the history of the content. You can check out part one now. Part two will be available on release day!

Read Steve's post on the 2K Blog now.

I want to personally thank each and every one of you who supported BioShock 2 and Minerva's Den, and for your patience (and excitement) as we finished this content for the PC. I hope you all enjoy your next trip to Rapture - it's only a couple days away.

GameSpot Interview with Garry Schyman

Heads up to BioShock fans everywhere! GameSpot posted an in-depth interview with Garry Schyman - it's a read I'm fairly certain you won't want to miss.

Go to the article now.

Garry Schyman, Wizard World Anaheim Comic Con, and You!

On May 1st at noon, Garry Schyman will be appearing on a composer panel and signing event at the Wizard World Anaheim Comic Con. If you are headed to the con, swing by and thank him for his amazing music!

Garry's music from BioShock will also be performed in concert at California State Univeristy, Northridge on May 9th. For more details, check out this link for all the info.

Faces of Rapture's Civil War: Part IX and X

Today, we bring you the two final biographies of those on the frontlines of Rapture's Civil War: Louie McGraff and Oscar Calaraca. (And thank you to 2K Forum poster Relight who encouraged me to dig these out of the archives for your enjoyment!)

Read More.

Protector Trials coming to PC on March 14th

I'm happy to announce that the Protector Trials are headed to PC on March 14th - which means that on Monday morning, you'll be downloading away and back in Rapture. (And yes, the Protector Trials are completely free!) Monday will also bring a small patch that fixes, among other things, the mouse sensitivity issues many of you have reported (the full patch notes are below.) We're still working on Minerva's Den and I'll be making a similar announcement to this one as we get closer to a firm launch date for that pack.

Read More.

Update: Protector Trials
and Minerva's Den Coming to PC

I have some good news concerning the BioShock 2 PC patch as well as the development of Protector Trials and Minerva's Den for the PC. Not to keep you in suspense any longer, I'll sum it up with one sentence: We have resumed development on all three and they will be coming to PC.

Read More.
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