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BioShock 2 Podcast Episode One: Welcome Back to Rapture

  • April 13, 2009

Jordan Thomas, Creative Director at 2K Marin, and Hogarth De La Plante, Lead Environment Artist at 2K Marin, welcome you back to Rapture with our first-ever BioShock 2 podcast.

Length: 21:01

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In The Forums

Record was enjoyable :)

I just finished listening to the I Am Rapture Rapture is Me record from the SE. [...]

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Official NECA BioShock Figures/Props Info Thread

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What's your favorite Bioshock 2 audio log?

After finishing the game, I am reflecting back on one of my favorite parts of Bioshock 1, which was the audio logs. [...]

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In The News

PC World Review

5 out of 5 stars - "A sequel that surpasses the original."

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Team Xbox's Review

9.2 out of 10 and received the Editor's Choice Award.

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"BioShock," a Video Game Based on Ayn Rand's Philosophy, Gets a Sequel

Jordan Thomas' interview with the Wall Street Journal.

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