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Episode Sixteen: BioShock PS3 Retrospective

  • October 21, 2008

Alyssa Finley, Executive Producer at 2K Marin, and Melissa Miller, Senior Producer at 2K, look back at BioShock PS3 and talk a bit about their experience working on the game.

Length: 12:22

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Episode Fifteen: Inside the PS3

  • October 17, 2008

Today I talk with some of the programmers at 2K Marin who actually did the nitty-gritty coding and created BioShock for the PS3.

Length: 9:17

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Episode Fourteen: Challenge Rooms

  • August 28, 2008

The guys at 2K Boston sit down with me to chat about creating the Challenege Rooms for BioShock PS3, and go into more detail about the already revealed room "A Shocking Turn of Events."

Length: 6:57

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Episode Thirteen: Survivor Mode

  • August 5, 2008

After a long hiatus with our BioShock Podcasts, we're back with some of the guys at 2K Marin to talk about the new mode they are adding to BioShock PS3.

Length: 15:50

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Episode Twelve: Level Design in BioShock

  • August 19, 2007

An introduction to Bioshock In our twelfth and final podcast, I am back with Dean and Bill again to talk about the work they put in to creating the world of Rapture, and how many iterations it took to get each area just right

Length: 15:25

Download the .zip file.

Episode Eleven: Plasmids in BioShock

  • August 9, 2007

In this podcast we dive deeper into Plasmids in BioShock. How did the team at Irrational dream up these body modifying weapons, and what can you do with them?

Length: 19:54

Download the .zip file.

Episode Ten: BioShock on the PC

  • July 14, 2007

Today I talk to the masterminds in Australia who have been working day and night to make BioShock the best shooter ever released for the PC. We discuss system requirements, graphics cards, and they talk about how they reworked the game from the bottom up to make it perfect for the PC.

Length: 12:26

Download the .zip file.

Episode Nine: The Story of Andrew Ryan

  • July 2, 2007

Ken Levine joins me today to talk about Andrew Ryan, the founder of Rapture and the mastermind who made the city under the sea. Ken gives insight into the creative process behind dreaming up such a character, and also fills in a little backstory behind such the infamous man.

Length: 10:41

Download the .zip file.

Episode Eight: The Physics Behind BioShock

  • June 18, 2007

Josh Downer and Ian Bond talk about the physics that make BioShock run. They detail some of the most daunting tasks of the game and give an inside look at what makes the creatures in Rapture look so alive.

Length: 11:49

Download the .zip file.

Episode Seven: Inside the Animations

  • June 11, 2007

Today I talk with Shawn Robertson, Lead Animator, and Grant Chang, Animator, about the animations of BioShock, and how they were created and perfected.

Length: 16:41

Download the .zip file.

Episode Six: An Exclusive Look At The Little Sisters of Rapture

  • June 1, 2007

I sat down with Ken Levine, Creative Director at Irrational Games, and asked him the tough questions many in the media, and on the forums, have been posing about the Little Sisters in BioShock. In this exclusive podcast, Ken and I talk about what the Little Sister is, and why Irrational chose to use the form of a child in this upcoming shooter. We also discuss what harvesting and rescuing really means, the moral ramifications of including a child in a video game that you can potentially harm, and even if Irrational changed the Little Sister, and your interactions with her, due to public (or publisher) pressure.

Length: 19:37

Download the .zip file.

Episode Five: The Evolution Of Bioshock

  • April 9, 2007

Ken is back with Eric and me to talk about the evolution of BioShock over the years, from when it was but a gleam in his eye. He talks about the different iterations of the game, and the hurdles he encountered while developing the game.

Length: 17:58

Download the .zip file.

Episode Four: The Developers

  • February 20, 2007

Today we are joined by Dean Tate, Designer, and Chris Kline, Lead Programmer, to talk about their experiences working at Irrational and on BioShock, as well as how they got into the gaming industry, and where some of their inspiration comes from.

Length: 22:54

Download the .zip file.

Episode Three: What is Rapture?

  • February 13, 2007

For our third BioShock podcast, Eric and I talk with Ken Levine again, but this time take a closer look at the world behind the game. We explore the city of Rapture, and get a little bit more backstory about this secret underwater utopia that went horribly wrong.

Length: 16:54

Download the .zip file.


  • February 5, 2007

Today I am joined by 2K Marketing Coordinator Eric Monacelli and Ken Levine to talk about Player Choice in BioShock. We talk about the variety of playstyles that you can toy with in Rapture, and the diversity of the world itself. Ken is really in his element during this podcast, giving us some great insight into his thinking behind the game, and many of the reasons he decided to focus on innovating player choice in BioShock.

Length: 14:26

Download the .zip file.

Episode One: What is BioShock?

  • January 22, 2007

Today I interview Melissa Miller, a 2K producer working on BioShock. She's spent several weeks up in Boston, logging hundreds of hours playing BioShock in its various stages of development, and could be called the resident guru of the game. At times, I think she'd be more comfortable if her hands were glowing blue from plasmids, rather than their normal, pinkish hue.

She gives us a close up and personal view on what it BioShock to her, and some of the awesome ways you can utilize the different weapons and environments in the world of Rapture.

Length: 12:25

Download the .zip file.
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