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  • September 23, 2009
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  • Author: Elizabeth
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As with every city, Empire Bay changes as the years pass. Changes also happen for individual characters in the game as they gain more money, or their tastes change. Today, we go inside Joe's apartment with Martin Zavrel and look at how his home takes shape throughout the game.


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Joe's Flat: 1940s

This first shot is of Joe's flat at the beginning of our story. The war in Europe is coming to an end. The 40's in USA was an oppressive time and this is reflected in the colors of home decorations and furniture used by the art team. In this screenshot you can see how the team paid close attention to the smallest details; the team prides themselves on creating historically accurate and believable spaces. This includes making scenes look like they are actually lived in and used. Also, if you look carefully you'll notice a bra on the bed behind Joe - you can tell that he still manages to lighten up his home in his own unique way, despite the times.

  Joe's Apartment


Joe's Flat: Early 1950s

As we entered the 50's everything started to get a little more interesting. People start to express themselves and with the rationing long gone people had a means to do this. Obviously Joe has done well himself, which has allowed him to purchase some expensive and modern pieces of equipment for his apartment his TV and expensive rug are good examples. Again, the details in this image tell their own story: you can see the money, guns, and beers on the table, a baseball bat against the fire place, a ladies purse over by the bed... There is so much to learn about Joe in this one small scene.

  Joe's Apartment


Joe's Flat: Later 1950s

By this stage in the game you can see Joe is the real deal. He's a made man and he has the money to realize his dreams. This is shown by the possessions he owns and how his has chosen to decorate his flat. Unfortunately this only underlines his quite "eccentric" taste for fashion as you can clearly see.

  Joe's Apartment