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  • November 6, 2009
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First week of November was a significant milestone for Mafia II music.

Up until now we had been using electronically sampled music in the game, composed and tweaked as needed by our in-house music department. In general with game development, it is very important for us to have the music composed early on. Particularly with Mafia II, the game is very much focused on delivering an emotional storyline with powerful cinematics. This means that the music plays an integral role, not only in the game’s final outcome, but also for us, as the developers creating the game. We’ve devoted a lot of attention to the score since the very beginning. We obviously got very used to the electronic concepts and actually thought they were almost as good as live recordings – especially since our music department is utilizing some of the best sound and instrument libraries in the world.

All that changed this week.

From the very first minute the musicians of the FILMharmonic Orchestra Prague sat down and started playing, we quickly discovered two things: first, the orchestra is amazingly talented and great at what they do, when they nailed the very first cue on the first run-through without rehearsing; and secondly, the color, depth and tone of live instruments performing is something completely above and beyond any electronically sampled music libraries. Yes, we admit that both Matus and I were moved to tears by how beautiful it is.

Mafia II music just got a thousand times better, and instantly came alive in a classically powerful storytelling. In turn the whole game just got even more powerful than before. I am confident that playing the game, will be one hell of a ride. Get your home theater equipment, and senses, ready for an immersive and incredible auditory experience.

- Martin Zavrel


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Part of the FILMharmonic Orchestra Prague. For the mixing purposes, some (groups of) instruments were recorded separately.



Recording control room. From left to right: Tomas Hrebicek, 2K Czech cinematics director, Matus Siroky, 2K Czech music composer, Petr Pycha, session manager, Reed Robins, mixing and mastering engineer.